Michelle Wang

Michelle Wang is currently completing the Masters of Education at the University of Toronto with a focus in curriculum studies and teacher development. Her research has included cross-cultural comparative education and pedagogy and neuroscience in education. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Junior/Intermediate/Senior divisions with the teaching subjects of Biology, Visual Art, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Chemistry. Michelle has received the Bachelors of Sciences (Honours) with distinction at Queen’s University in the spring of 2010. She majored in biology and complemented with courses in fine art, art history, psychology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, biochemistry and geography. Michelle’s education has emphasized life skills such as open-mindedness, critical thinking, creativity and understanding. Prior to Queen’s University, she graduated from Unionville High School in June 2006 with honours and obtained both the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and the Arts York Visual Art Focus Program certificate concurrently.

Michelle strongly believes in the motto: “life is a journey, not a destination” and values education and community involvement as part of her pursuit in life-long learning. She is equipped with a diverse portfolio of experiences and well-rounded skills set. These experiences enabled her to become a more competent listener, motivator, teacher and team player. Michelle hopes that she can continue to contribute her experiences, skills and knowledge to impact her students and the community.

Michelle has a wide spectrum of interests and hobbies, including drawing, painting, fashion design, ice skating, swimming, dancing, playing piano and flute. She is well known for her paintings, portraiture and environmental fashion collections. To know more about Michelle, feel free to navigate around this website.






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